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Quality Of Food

Food Quality Control

The Food Quality industry faces unprecedented regulation as consumers and governments worldwide demand high levels of food quality control and safety with “farm-to-fork” and “boat-to-plate” traceability. Major trends are creating quality control challenges for Food and Beverage manufacturers including:

Post-harvest losses, global competition, and rising consumer demand for better food quality requires scientists to understand the biological, physical, and chemical properties of food and food ingredients. The indian Department of Agriculture collaborates with academic, federal and industry partners to understand the science of foods and to improve processing and packaging technologies. These efforts help meet the demand for nutritious, convenient, and globally competitive food products


Advancements in science and technology continue to expand the breadth and quality of food production. As a result of rapidly evolving technologies, the public has been afforded access to a food supply that is:

  • Abundant and diverse
  • Available at a lower cost
  • Resistant to spoilage
  • Safe and nutritious